Volunteers are working hard.

The handwritten sign on the back door simply states: “Closed for Inventory.” Yet, within the four walls of the Veterans History Museum of the Carolinas, remarkable changes are the order of the day.

New changes to the Museum’s Exhibits. 

During the museum’s two-month closure beginning on January 1, industrious volunteers, under the guidance of Curator Bobby Kotlowski, have been refitting galleries, building new display cases, refurbishing and adding to existing exhibits, creating spaces for new acquisitions, and cleaning every artifact, panel of glass, countertop, gallery, and exhibit.

new air force exhibit created by the volunteers
museum volunteers cleaning the veterans history museum

“We plan to open on March first with an exciting new look,” said Kotlowski.

“Thanks to the loyal participation of hard-working volunteers who show up each scheduled workday, we’ve accomplished much more than the renovation of our galleries,” he continues. “We’ve changed the traffic pattern to make it easily accessible to seniors and individuals with wheelchairs and walkers. And we’ve designed new exhibits, including a gallery dedicated to the U.S. Air Force.”

Upon entry to the museum, the entire right wall of the long corridor now houses bronze Honor Wall plaques which reflect the sacrifices of our country’s service men and women. Visitors may purchase a plaque in the name of a loved one, living or deceased, who served our country. The other side of the hallway displays photos of local WWII, Korean War, and Vietnam War veterans under the sign, “Local Heroes”.

In the lobby, across from the volunteer station, attractive benches have been added to offer a comfortable space where guests may relax, share stories, and converse with our knowledgeable museum docents called Pathfinders.

Volunteerism is the heart of the Veterans History Museum
of the Carolinas.

There is no paid staff. Yet the benefits of involvement with the museum far outweigh the time and effort donated. In the words of Winston Churchill, “We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.”