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You may honor a hero in your family or community by purchasing a plaque which will be permanently mounted on the Museum’s HONOR WALL to display your feelings as a memorable donation. The plaque can be for a veteran or civilian, living or deceased,

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Honor Wall Plaque

 Purchase an Honor Wall Plaque in honor or a family or friend that served in the Military.

 When looking for a meaningful way to honor a family member or friend that served in the Military, please consider an Honor Wall Plaque.  Located in the center hallway of the the Veterans History Museum of the Carolinas, four large panels containing these permanent tributes to our American heroes are the first exhibit visitors see when entering the museum.

 Three inch by six inch golden plaques are available for $100 and can be etched with up to forty five letters of your choice.  Four inch by eight inch golden plaques are also available for $200 and can be etched with up to fifty letters.

 All moneys collected by the sale of plaques are used to fund the Museum so support the cause and honor a hero with this glorious tribute.




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