You can support the Veterans History Museum of the Carolinas to enhance our visitors’ experience by sponsoring the construction of our new facility, the purchase and preservation of artifacts, the construction of exhibits, funding a public program, or providing scholarships.

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Individual Sponsorship

You can help sponsor our mission to honor the contributions of veterans to our country’s free and democratic society. We want to inspire our visitors to learn about our country’s military history. Through your individual support for the Honor Wall, the Capital Campaign Fund for the construction of our new facility, the creation of world-class exhibits, and the preservation of donated and acquired artifacts, your donation and sponsorship support will greatly heighten our visitor experiences. Gifts of sponsorship to the Veterans History Museum of the Carolinas are 100% tax deductible.

Corporate Sponsorship

Your organization can help the Veterans History Museum of the Carolinas to grow in its mission to honor veterans of our country’s military services. A sustaining and sponsoring donation to the Museum can be made by your corporation, organization, foundation or service group. Corporations and organizations are encouraged to become involved in the Museum’s Capital Campaign Fund to raise the awareness of support of veterans and their families. Your organization’s name will be prominently displayed as a Sponsoring Member in the Museum and in our publications.


To meet and discuss Corporate Sponsorship options that suit your organization’s plans, please contact our President, Emmitt Casciato, by phone at 828-884-2141 or by email

CALL: Emmett Casciato
(828) 884-2141

EMAIL: EmmettCasciato@gmail.com

You can also mail in your sponsorship request form to:
The Veterans History Museum of the Carolinas
21 East Main St.
Brevard, NC 28712

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