Hardworking Volunteers

One might assume that hardworking volunteers would take advantage of the museum’s January-February “downtime” to put their feet up and relax, but they did the opposite. Teams spent several days every week organizing artifacts in storage, cleaning and refreshing galleries, acquiring and transporting new items, and designing new exhibits. Some observers commented that they worked harder while the museum was closed than while it was open!

Opening Day March 1

On the opening day for 2023, dozens of visitors poured into the museum after the “Joe Cooper Day” ceremony as well as individually to see what’s new. Thirty museum volunteers gathered on the lawn for a group picture, surrounding WWII veterans James Brush, Ed Cottrell, George Sarros, Korean War veteran Erby Bolt, and “double” WWII/Korean War veteran Joe Cooper (all shown on front row in the photo above).

Volunteers Perform a Variety of Jobs

Museum volunteers perform the jobs of Pathfinders (docents), storage, planning and holding events such as guest speakers and ceremonies, mailings, organization and computerization of data, helping create and care for artifacts and exhibits, writing articles and veterans’ histories, publicity, fund-raising, marketing, research, library science, gift shop sales, housekeeping, maintenance, and construction. In other words, something for everyone. Whew! No wonder our volunteers are full of ideas and energy.

Pathfinder schedules can be either two or four hours and worked either weekly or less frequently. A new schedule is offered each month, giving volunteers flexibility to sign up at times convenient for them. Other jobs can be performed during and before events only, with no ongoing commitment. Some jobs can be performed from home.

Museum has 57 Volunteers and Interns

The museum boasts 57 volunteers and interns, the largest number in its six-year history. Many, but not all, are pictured here. They are Alex Eberhardt, Mike Johnson, Carol Horn, Alan Horn, Ginger Newman, Ron Gwinn, Trauti McCann, Tom Swann, Dixon Lee, Julia Lee, Bobby Kotlowski, Sue Davis, Greg Ehr, Elizabeth Bailey, Kathy Abbott, Nancy Davis, John P. Flynn, Larry Garofalo, Kathy Garofalo, Katinka Remus, Rodney Remus, Glenda Sansosti, Ron Koelling, Diane Carr, Phil Mayrand, Susan Toscani, Ray Pavlik, Joni Pavlik, Jim Schenfield, Curtiss Poteat, Jude Trimnal, Flynn Trimnal, Maggie Di Rocco, Pat Bazinet, Mike Bazinet, Karen Henegar, Richard Donoghue, Kathie Doole, Penny Colman-Crandal, David Crandal, Ann Wallace Nichols, Peter Rossi, Craig Adams, Beth Carden, Larry Chapman, Tom Bugala, Brent McCrimmon, Mike McCarthy, Michel Robertson, Phil Davis, Carl Newman, Ken Corn, David Morrow, Janis Allen, and Emmett Casciato .

Student interns are Quinn Hinkleman and Lake Cochran.

The museum welcomes new volunteers in all areas described above. For more information, please contact Carl Newman at carging@hotmail.com or 828-877-5924. Our volunteers comment that it’s a great way to honor veterans, learn our country’s proud history, make friends, and welcome Brevard’s many visitors from all over the world.