In Loving Memory of Toni Casciato, First Lady of the Museum

June 27, 1953 – May 17, 2020

Toni Casciato passed away on May 17, 2020. She brought creativity, tireless work, positive energy, her beautiful smile and her joyful laugh to the museum and everywhere she went.


Toni’s Many Talents

Toni taught physical education and dance and gave her boundless creativity and energy to inspire both kids and their parents.

She was a coach and choreographer, singer, and organizer of countless dinners, breakfasts, and fun events for friends to gather.

A committed educator, she added a kids’s book/activity section in the museum library, with fun decorations and materials.

Toni’s beautiful smile was always there when needed to greet museum visitors and proudly honor veterans.

Her joyful laugh spread her happiness to others. 

She was always full of life.

Toni was the first and earliest supporter and helper to museum founder Emmett Casciato in the early days of forming the collection, later the museum.

When talking with groups about the museum, Emmett would say, “Toni has always been my greatest supporter.”

Emmett often joked that he had so many uniformed mannequins in the house, Toni gave them names and talked to them (“Hello, Bob!”) as she moved about the house.

Toni left a request that any donations people wish to make be made to the Veterans History Museum of the Carolinas or the Transylvania County Library.

The Toni Casciato Memorial Fund

The Veterans History Museum Board of Directors will establish a memorial in honor of Toni. At this early date, we do not know what form this recognition will take. With Emmett’s input and knowledge of what Toni would want, a fitting tribute will be selected as soon as possible.

If, for any reason, a memorial has not been established by June 2021, refunds of donations in Toni’s name will be issued to those who request them.