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To Honor, Educate and Preserve our History by Remembering and Honoring our Veterans.

Pinning Ceremony for Museum’s New Pathfinders

The museum's new Pathfinders received their Pathfinder pins from museum curator Emmett Casciato at the WNC Military History Museum on August 17. Attending training to become guides at the museum, these volunteers learned basic procedures for operating the reception...

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John Barker: Flying F-4 Phantoms Over Hanoi

Vietnam Veterans Series   John Barker served two tours in Vietnam in 1967 and 1972, flying bombing raids in F-4 Phantoms in the Hanoi area. Below, in his own words, is Barker’s Vietnam story. I received my commission as a 2nd Lieutenant in May 1965. A year earlier I...

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Vietnam: Two Eras, Two Kinds of Warfare

Andrew “Gunny” Boyko joined the Marines in 1964 and was sent to Vietnam in August 1965. Reflecting on his time, Boyko notes that it was as if he went to two different wars. When he was in Vietnam from 1965-1966, the enemy was a guerrilla organization that did not...

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USMC Tunnel Rat Urges PTSD Victims to Seek Help

Vietnam Veterans Series USMC Tunnel Rat Urges PTSD Victims to Seek Help By Michel Robertson USMC Tunnel Rat Urges PTSD Victims to Seek Help Building tunnels and forts with his friends in the swamps near Georgetown, S.C. offered young Earl “Flynn” Trimnal excellent...

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Ervin Bridges: Walking to War

Captain Ervin Bridges spent much of his time in Vietnam struggling through jungles and rice paddies. Bridges remembered lying on the ground during a particularly bloody battle wondering to himself, “What the heck am I doing here? Why did I volunteer?” A native of...

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