On August 3, 2019 Spartanburg, S.C. American Legion Post 28 hosted three visitors from the Veterans History Museum of the Carolinas, located in Brevard, NC. Curator Emmett Casciato made a presentation to 83 members of Post 28 explaining how the museum honors veterans, educates young and old, and preserves our proud history.

Casciato presented a copy of the museum’s book, WWWII Veterans of Western North Carolina: Their Stories in Their Own Words to American Legion Post 28 Librarian and Museum Curator Brig. Gen. Ed Hall. The book includes the story of Post 28 member Charles Dickson, who parachuted into Normandy the night before D-Day with the 82nd Airborne.

General Hall then presented Curator Casciato with the book, More Than A Name, listing 641 biographies of veterans from Spartanburg, S.C.

Post 28 Commander Owings has personally visited the Brevard Veterans Museum. The Brevard Museum exists to honor vets of all the Carolinas and hopes for more partnerships and joint events in the future.

WWII and Korean War Veteran Harold Wellington (featured in the WWII book) and museum volunteer Mike McCarthy were also in attendance, representing Brevard’s museum.