I found this letter to Daddy in his files. It is from Mrs. Harriet Towers dated February 2, 1958. The postal service delivered mail then without all the “codes” they need now. Daddy knew “everyone” in the county and had written Mrs. Towers about selling property in Brevard for an Army Reserve Center (the one located on East French Broad Street across from Brevard College). In her letter she indicated someone had discussed the sale of the property before.

Upper Left: The Warranty Deed is dated October 27, 1958, from the Towers to the United States of America and a sales price of $15,000.

Upper Right: A photograph and article from the Ecusta Paper Corp. newspaper the “The Echo” is about the Army Reserves. Capt. Morrow is in the picture with his hat angled showing his black hair. Look just to the left behind the flag. Names are listed for the Brevard Army Reserve Unit.